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Our Screen to Speed tournament powered by Pennzoil has been going on for a while now, and it's about time we shake things up with the roll-out of our Engagement Points System (EPS).  This feature will let our racers elevate their standing on the leaderboard through engagements with and support from their followers. In addition, our spectators will be able to unlock prizes by supporting their favorite racer. 



  • To gain engagement points, you must complete the EPS form so we can monitor your engagement across social media platforms. Click here to access the form

  • Post on social media channels to inform your followers that you're racing in our Screen to Speed tournament. Every social media engagement will be converted into EPS points. 1 EPS point is equal to 1 "like" on your Screen to Speed social media post, and once you have collected 100 points, we will deduct a tenth of a second from your fastest lap time during that week.


  • You need first to register at as an ally, then post on your social media accounts to support your favorite racer. Your profiles must be public so we can monitor your participation. In your post, you must tag the racer you are supporting and include the official hashtags we will set for that week. 

  • We will be dedicating special days where racers and spectators can collect double points, so make sure to follow us on our socials to be the first to know. 

  • One winner per milestone and the winner will be randomly selected.

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