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Please read through all rules and regulations for participating in the Screen to Speed Summer Cup program. If, after verification, you still have questions, feel free to connect with us on Discord.

1. Screen to Speed Summer Cup aims to give representation to women, or individuals who identify as women, in sim racing, esports, and motorsports. The goal is to create a critical mass community to provide opportunities for females in this space. Allies are also welcome, and we encourage everyone to participate as spectators and supporters, but only women, or individuals who publicly identify as women, will be able to race and score points in the tournament.

2. To participate you will need to respond to the two declarations below by checking each box to proceed to the full registration on the next page. Then you will create an Init/Gamer Safer account which will take just a few minutes, and you will only need to do this once. The instructions will be available on the registration page, and you can always reach out to us on Discord with any questions.  The registration process will verify you and your identity, which is critical for keeping this tournament safe and fair. You only MUST do this once. If you already have the Init/Gamer Safer account, validate the account at the registration prompt. DO NOT CREATE A SECOND INT/GS ACCOUNT IF YOU ALREADY CREATED ONE IN THE PAST, that will create a problem and you may not get scored properly. 

3. To race and be eligible to win prizes, you must have a gaming PC and download iRacing. You can check the minimum PC requirements here. If you already have a PC you can do this test to see if your PC will run iRacing. 
If you are already an iRacing user, you will receive a specific link via email to log into the tournament.  If you are not an iRacing user, you will receive a special code to be able to access just the tournament on the platform, for free. The free code is granted only to new users. 

4. You do not need to have a steering wheel/pedals/cockpit combo to compete. You can race with a controller or your keyboard. However, in sim racing, we know it is much more fun to spin laps with at least a steering wheel and pedals. If you would like to purchase them, you will receive an exclusive discount code. Purchase must be made on shop.

5. Once you are fully registered, start spinning laps.  The leaderboard will be updated as often as possible and can be viewed on the following websites: or If you feel that the leaderboard is not scoring your lap time, wait 3 days before connecting with us on Discord and opening a ticket. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of time to refresh the results!  The official leaderboard is the one on Screen to Speed website, not the one that you may see on iRacing. 

6.  The tournament will see 6 time-attacks and 6 races. Each time-attack will last 2 weeks and the live race will be on a Saturday. The schedule is posted on If you have any questions reach out to us on Discord.

7. We will randomly check your identity and ask for extra proof if the system brings up a red flag. If you are a woman or an individual who publicly identifies as a woman,  you are good to go.

8. We will create categories based on the first-time attack segment and the overall number of sign-ups. Check on Discord for updates and announcements

9. If you are already set up for streaming, we would like to promote you.  Please connect on Discord with one of the admins and we will set you up as a guest streamer on the Init Esports Twitch/YouTube channel. 

10. Ask your followers to sign up as an ally at Not only they will be showing you support, but they will also be able to win a Pennzoil Screen to Speed kit (US residents only).

11. The tournament is open to women, or individuals who publically identify as women. All participants must be minimum 13 years old.

12. At the end of the 6-race online tournament the top 3 of each category will receive the official Screen to Speed jacket. 

13. Make sure to check the schedule on and on to see the current time attack and race.  The races will be streamed live on Init esports Twitch page.

14. Don't miss any updates; follow us on Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube.   If you have any questions, chat with us on Discord.

Good luck and have fun!

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